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As a learning community, Canterbury High School's goal is to nurture well-being and excellence in students by challenging them with the best academic, artistic, and extra-curricular worlds while presenting a safe and caring learning environment.

About Canterbury High School

Welcome to Canterbury High School

Canterbury High School, founded in 1969, is an Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, high school in the Urbandale neighborhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  From 1969 to 1976, Canterbury allowed a technical program based on Aerospace Engineering. The shops offered Air-frame and other aviation-based technical studies. The school later, as a result of a specialized schools program, became an arts magnet school for the Ottawa-Gatineau region and has since drawn attention for its success in nurturing a very creative and inclusive environment for learners.

Principal: Alan Johnson


Arts Canterbury, established in 1983, is a specialized Program of the Arts in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. The Arts Canterbury Program offers students the opportunity to fulfill their high school graduation requirements while studying one of these five Art disciplines in depth:



Literary Arts

Music (Winds/Percussion, Strings or Vocal)

Visual Arts

There is an excellent variety in the school population that is respected and encouraged. As a result, Canterbury High School students are motivated, creative, energetic, and committed to their studies, school, and community. 

Special Alumni:

Jordan Tannahill, playwright

Emma Taylor-Isherwood, actress

Sally Taylor-Isherwood, actress

Martin Gero, writer/producer

Emma Portner, dancer/choreographer

Gary Roberts, hockey

Jeremy Roberts, politician

Vik Sahay, actor

Paul Gerard Giles Cardinal, physics researcher and director at Research in Motion

Alexander Carson (filmmaker), filmmaker

Penelope Corrin, actress/comedian

Stephen Gray, rugby player

Jessica Holmes, actress/comedian

Jonathan Hobin, photo-based artist

Liam Wilson, student

Nick Boynton, hockey

Brian Campbell, hockey

Ashton Baumann, swimmer

Mark Bell, hockey

Raoul Bhaneja, actor/musician

Ty Olsson, actor

Richard Parry, musician/Arcade Fire

Michael Peca, hockey

Shean Donovan, hockey

Matthew Edison, actor/playwright

Jenny Galt, musician

Simon Huck, PR executive/reality star

Peter Hume, politician

Alyn McCauley, hockey

Moira J. Moore, author

Stephanie Moore, actress/writer

Hannah Moscovitch, playwright

Clubs and Sports:

Basketball - Youth Connections Ottawa- Yoga Club- Wrestling - Tennis - Shakespeare Club - Soccer - Key Club- Curling - Christian Club - Canterbury Athletic Association - Fashion Show - Feminist Club - K-Pop Club - Me to We Club-  Anime Club - Computer Programming-Radio Free Canterbury (RFC) - Track & Field- Pride Club- Film Club - ASCO - and more....

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