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Did you know that Logan Couture, Terry McGurrin, Dale Potter and many other fantastic talented people studied at Hillcrest High School? On this webpage, we tell you more about Hillcrest High School!

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Description About Hillcrest High School

Welcome to Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest High School is a very ethnically diverse school, with many different kinds of people living in and around the surrounding community, including Blacks, Arabs, South Asians, Somalis, and Whites. Hillcrest enrolls students from over 100 countries and offers a full-immersion French program.

Hillcrest welcomes a diverse student population. Our students come to us from our feeder schools including Vincent Massey PS, Alta Vista PS, Featherstone PS, Hawthorne PS, and Roberta Bondar PS. We also have a history of welcoming and supporting international students who are seeking to broaden their learning by studying in Canada. Many of our students seek post-secondary education and are supported by scholarships and bursaries. Highlights each year include international trips and exchanges that staff organize to broaden our students learning experiences.

Principal: Geordie Walker

Clubs and Activities:

Hillcrest clubs, teams, and student organizations are the source of spirit at Hillcrest! Students have the opportunity to display their talents and achievements in drama productions, music performances, visual arts displays, Leadership initiatives, athletics, and community involvement. Hillcrest is successful participants in interscholastic sports and has a strong intramural program including Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Rugby, Swimming, and Track and Field. New clubs and opportunities develop each year including Link, Percussion, and Athletic Leadership. Our Fitness club provides cardio and resistance equipment, and instruction and information on proper fitness training. Students are always welcome and encouraged to participate in Hillcrest's many clubs and activities.

Members of the Hillcrest Business Department:

Kevin Rawn (Department Head): [email protected]
Susan Kuntz: [email protected]
Rob Wright: [email protected]

Facilities and Resources:

The school has the many advantages of a traditional building including:

Comprehensive classrooms, arts, and science facilities.

A 700 seat auditorium and a modern library.

A double gym with permanent bleachers and a smaller gym.

Five computer labs.

Dedicated classrooms for Transportation Technology (Auto), Electrical, Drafting, and Communications Technology.

Two full-sized playing fields.

A FIFA regulation-size artificial turf field!

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