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In this article, lechool aims to introduce Earl Haig Secondary School. At the beginning of the school year, students will be provided with a written course outline, which describes the expectations, content and evaluation for each course. Students will be informed of the types of assignments and tests and how their final mark will be calculated.

About Earl Haig Secondary School

Welcome to Earl Haig Secondary School

Earl Haig Secondary School (also knows as a EHSS) serves a diverse population and is recognized for its academic focus, enthusiasm for learning, lively school spirit, and commitment to the arts. The school was designed by the Toronto architectural firm of Craig and Madill then construction started in November 1929.

Principal: Ricky Goldenberg


The school is named after Field Marshal The 1st Earl Haig, who was commander of the British Expeditionary Force during the majority of the First World War. The school was established in 1928, shortly after Earl Haig's death.[1]

The original school was designed by the Toronto architectural firm of Craig and Madill and construction started in November 1929. The building officially opened in 1930 as Earl Haig Collegiate Institute. Additions were made in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. In 1961, the school changed its name from Earl Haig Collegiate Institute to Earl Haig Secondary School. It is currently the largest high school in the Toronto District School Board.

The Claude Watson Arts Program began in 1982. The program consists of dance, drama, music, film arts, and visual arts.

In 1996, the original building was demolished in sections to make way for a new building.

Sports commonly offered at EHSS:

September: Golf (Boys and Girls at different times), Soccer (Boys), Volleyball (Boys), Cross Country Running, Basketball (Girls), Field Hockey (Girls), Tennis, Rugby (Boys and Girls in a different time), Ultimate Frisbee (Girls).

November: Volleyball (Girls), Basketball (Boys), Alpine skiing, Swimming, Ice Hockey (Boys and Girls at different times), Indoor Soccer (Boys and Girls at different times).

March: Archery, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Dragon Boat, Baseball (Boys), Flag Football (Girls), Rugby ( Boys and Girls in a different time), Soccer (Girls), Softball (Girls), Tennis (Boys and Girls in a different time), Ultimate Frisbee ( Co-ed), Volleyball (Co-ed).

The motto is Carpe Diem, a part of a Latin poem which urges people to Seize the Day or Enjoy Every Minute, a
feeling that each Haiger should have during and after school. As a play on the words of the school motto, a fish, “The
Carpe” is a symbol of the school. If you see a large bluefish wandering the halls, give it a hug because it is EHSS mascot.

Special Alumni:

• Herb Carnegie, Canadian ice hockey player (1919 – 2012)
• Daniel Nestor, Serbian Canadian tennis player (b. 1972)
• Dwight Powell, Canadian NBA player (b. 1991)
• Deborah Cox, Canadian singer and actress (b. 1974)
• Ephraim Ellis, Canadian actor (b. 1985)
• Jake Epstein, Canadian actor and singer (b. 1987)
• Ennis Esmer, Canadian actor and comedian (b. 1978)
• Yani Gellman, Canadian actor (b. 1985)
• Paul Gross, Canadian actor, producer, director, singer and writer (b. 1959)
• Danielle Hampton, Canadian actress (b. 1978)
• John Stephen Hill, actor; playwright under the name Steve Hill (b. 1953)
• Christopher Jacot, Canadian actor (b. 1979)
• Sabrina Jalees, Canadian TV personality (b. 1985)
• Justin Kelly, Canadian actor (b. 1992)
• Melanie Leishman, Canadian actress (b. 1989)
• Britne Oldford, Canadian actress (b. 1992)

Numerous awards and scholarships are available to Earl Haig graduating students. These range from small awards granted by Earl Haig to renewable university awarded scholarships valued at many thousands of dollars. In the fall, counsellors offer sessions for all students who feel they may be contenders for awards. At that time information outlining a number of awards is available and the method of choosing nominees or award recipients is explained. Students are also given suggestions for other possible sources of financial assistance. The selection of all scholarship nominees and award recipients is made by panels of staff representing the programs in the school.

Tips For Parents:

Whether your child is just starting their high school career or has reached a point where the end is now in sight, one of your main jobs is to help your child graduate successfully. Teachers, supportive parents, well-equipped classrooms, equipment and tests are all beneficial to the learning process. What happens in the classroom is only part of the success story. A very important part of the story is written at home, in the library, in the study hall, or your child’s individual work. Here are a few hints that may help your child get better results: Consistency: The best rule is to keep your work up-to-date. Do something every day: don’t fall behind. The best results do not come from last-minute cramming. Organization: Establish a study timetable and a regular record of assignments. Plan the work over several days or weeks. Review your notes every day. Location: Have a regular place to study, preferably quiet and away from distractions. Very few students get good results with the help of radio or television. Preparation: Books and study materials should be ready for use. Sequence: It is tempting to do the easiest assignment or the favourite subject first and leave the harder tasks to the end. Learning is more effective at the beginning of a study period. When to Study: Your child is probably the best judge of the best time to study. Remember, they are probably not at their best immediately after a full day in school. They might feel more like work if they get some fresh air and relaxation before starting their home studies. Be particularly careful about weekends. On Friday afternoon, Monday morning seems a long way off, but it comes all too quickly. Organize the weekend to leave some study time – it is a good time for a review of the week’s work. Promptness: Hand in work to the teacher on time

What do students and parents think about Earl Haig Secondary School?

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Guest wrote on (2023-Oct-23) :

The school has a welcoming atmosphere with friendly teachers and helpful staff. Personally, I love spending time in the library as it boasts an impressive collection of books, comics, and other reading materials that come in handy for assignments and leisure reading. The computer lab is also well-equipped with top-notch computers. Although I couldn't fully enjoy my Grade 12 senior year here, I have no regrets about being a part of this school community.

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