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Are you looking for a secondary school near 155 Hilda Ave? Newtonbrook is the answer! Shane Kippel, who is a Canadian television actor studied at Newtonbrook. let us take a tour to know more about this school based in Toronto.

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About Newtonbrook Secondary School

Welcome to Newtonbrook Secondary School

Newtonbrook Secondary School is a very active school in the sports field, here is a list of them:

Sports (September – November)

  • Basketball (girls)
  • Cheerleading (mixed)
  • Cross Country (mixed)
  • Football (boys)
  • Golf (mixed)
  • N.A.C.(mixed)
  • Rugby 7's (girls)
  • Soccer (boys)
  • Tennis (mixed)
  • Volleyball (boys)

Sports (November – March)

  • Alpine Skiing (mixed)
  • Basketball (boys)
  • Hockey (boys)
  • Hockey (girls)
  • N.A.C.(mixed)
  • Nordic Skiing (mixed)
  • Snowboarding (mixed)
  • Swimming (mixed)
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Wrestling (mixed)

Sports (March – June)

  • Badminton (mixed)
  • Baseball (boys)
  • N.A.C.(mixed)
  • Rugby 15s (boys, girls)
  • Soccer (girls)
  • Softball (girls)
  • Tennis (mixed)
  • Track and Field (mixed)
  • Ultimate (mixed)
  • Waterpolo (boys, girls)

Newtonbrook Secondary School opened in 1964 by the then North York Board of Education to provide a closer school for the area with 610 pupils. It was officially opened in Winter 1965 by Newtonbrook-born and then Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson.
The building's design resembled Sir Sanford Fleming Academy but alterations occurred years later.
It viewed to be one of the more sports-oriented high schools in the Toronto District School Board. Some of the athletics offered are basketball, soccer, track, ultimate, baseball, swimming, softball, cheerleading, dance team, water polo, cross country running, badminton, rugby, volleyball and wrestling.

Sports can help people of all ages maintain and improve the health of their heart, lungs and blood vessels. Physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of coronary disease and stroke. According to the British Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, approximately 40 percent of deaths related to coronary heart disease are related to inadequate physical activity, obesity, stress and raised blood pressure. Sports can help with all of these physical issues, decreasing the risk of coronary disease by about 50 percent.

Principal: Saverio Zupo

Since the day of its opening in 1964, Newtonbrook Secondary School is a place where students feel they belong - a total school. With the assistance of professional, dedicated staff, our students make outstanding academic achievements in the arts, social and physical sciences, languages, mathematics and business education. In athletics, tremendous enjoyment and accomplishments result in both intramural and interscholastic levels.
Newtonbrook is a school in which high standards for learning are achieved without the sacrifice of those emotional, artistic and physical needs that make for a whole person.

Special Alumni:

  • Elizabeth Cull, Minister of Health (1991+); Minister of Finance (1993–95), British Columbia, Canada.
  • Mark Bluvshtein, Russian-born Canadian chess grandmaster
  • Shane Kippel, Canadian television actor
  • Boris Cherniak, Comedian, Hypnotist, and Author
  • Geddy Lee, born Gary Lee Weinrib, singer (Rush)
  • Steve Shutt, retired NHL player Montreal Canadiens and Los Angeles Kings
  • Shawn Gore, former NFL player, Green Bay Packers and CFL player B.C. Lions
  • Lisa Feldman Barrett, University Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Northeastern University
  • Howie Mandel, Comedian and Actor
  • Michael Wex (né Weczs), Yiddish-language scholar and theorist, best selling North American humorist

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a specialized program offered at Newtonbrook which allows students to focus their education on a certain area of learning while meeting the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. It is a valuable opportunity that prepares students for post-secondary education in the field of their choice, moreover helping in the transition into apprenticeship or workplace destinations. Upon having completed the SHSM program students receive a special designation on their high school diploma, indicating their achievement. Newtonbrook provides our students with world-class learning opportunities through our extensive and varied programs.

Newtonbrook Secondary School cares about you/your child talents, the motto is "To each according to his/her own talent".


Figure out what you need to learn in order to take your natural talent to the next level. What are the techniques required that will enable you to improve your performance? Do some research about your craft. Are there other variations or forms? What are the studies that have been done regarding your discipline? Let’s say you’re a talented dancer. Find out the basics. What are the genres? Evaluate your skills. What category do you qualify for? What is your dance style called? What other forms would you like to learn? This is how you create common ground for being able to collaborate with others, and it’s also a way to protect your abilities. I know very talented singers with the most beautiful voices who end up with a sore throat or lose their voice after every performance because they haven’t invested time in learning the ‘right way’ to sing. So taking time to know and master techniques are of utmost importance. Also, keep in mind that this is not a one-time thing. The more you learn, the more you’ll find room for improvement, but only when you know the possibilities will you reach for more. To find out what you should be able to do.

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  • Founded in 1964
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