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Elmwood High School is ranked as one of the best 25 schools in Canada. It is due to the innovative educational system of this school. Elmwood School provides lessons from junior kindergarten to Gr. 12.

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Welcome to Elmwood School

Elmwood School is a girls-only private day school in Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa, Ontario. It is an IB World School that was established in 1915. Elmwood School was the very first school in North America to be validated for all 3 tiers of the IB Program: the Diploma Training program, which is for students in their final two years of secondary school, the Middle Years Programme (MYP), which is for students aged 11–16, and the Primary Years Programme (PYP), which is for students aged 3–12. 


James Whitehouse

The faculty educates 400 students ranging in age from 4 to 18. The average class size is 12 students, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1. James Whitehouse, the current Head of School, took up the reins in 2019 after serving as Deputy Head of Middle and Senior School for seven years. Before coming to Elmwood, he worked as an Assistant Head at Seven Kings High School in Redbridge, London.


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Elmwood's traditions, like those of many other private schools in the Commonwealth, are modeled on those of similar schools in the Uk. Chaperones are formal senior champions in their graduation year, children wear uniforms, and each kid is allocated to a house.

New graduates have been accepted to institutions across Ontario, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world.

Over 80% of alumni receive valuable scholarship opportunities to post-secondary education systems each year, including:

The Richard Lewer Scholarship from Carleton University

The Greville Smith Scholarship from McGill University

The Undergraduate Research Scholarship from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Science

The National Excellence Award from the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation

The Sesquicentennial Scholarship from St. Lawrence University in New York State

Elmwood's group of 43 alumni received over $1,000,000 in sponsorship prizes in 2010. The largest single scholarship given was $150,000 US to a participant in 2009. In 2019, the whole graduation class was certified as an Ontario Scholar.


Elmwood's strong educational requirements, excellent teachers, and diverse student population work together to create a one-of-a-kind environment for learning. Elmwood's administration relies on quality standards in all girls' instruction to encourage students to be moral, informed, and critical thinkers.

Elmwood consistently exceeds Ontario Ministry of Education and International Baccalaureate curriculum criteria and enriches students' knowledge via field excursions, guest lecturers, co-curricular programs, and specific leadership possibilities.


Bilingual certification

A Multilingual Certificate is offered to students who have completed a defined sequence of programs and acquired fluency in both English and French. Elmwood also provides courses in Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin. 


Elmwood School was among the first in Canada to implement a 1:1 computer plan in the Senior School. Every child in Grades 9-12, as well as every teaching member, has their own personal laptop that they may use to improve their study. Furthermore, many classes have a SMART Board, and many children are familiar with using computers. In Junior and Middle Schools, children utilize laptops in computer laboratories.

Global Connections

Elmwood is a sibling school of St. Charles High School in Seboche, Lesotho. The charity Aid Lesotho is assisting with this merging. Elmwood has two sister schools in addition to being paired with a school in Africa. Calrossy Anglican School for Girls in Australia and Otago Girls' High School in New Zealand are two of the most prestigious schools in the country. Incoming and departing student exchanges are not prevalent.



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Guest wrote on (2023-Oct-24) :

This school is absolutely fantastic! The staff, including both teachers and students, are amazing to collaborate with. If you're searching for an IB program in the area, this school is definitely worth considering.

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