Seneca Hill Private School

  • Founded in 1988
  • 120 students
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Seneca Hill Private School values are developing in students, the tools, skills, knowledge, experiences and frame of mind to emerge as confident leaders in a globalized world, connecting the experiences of the classroom to the real world.

About Seneca Hill Private School

Welcome to Seneca Hill Private School

Since 1988, Seneca Hill has provided a customized approach to learning; unlocking the potential in your child. Through personalized goal-setting, enriched STEM+ programming, athletics, and extracurricular activities, Seneca Hill Private School students are motivated and challenged daily.

Principal: Nicolas Esper

Advantages For Students:

Bully-free environment where Seneca Hill Private School respects and celebrates every child’s uniqueness
Small class sizes (max. 16 students)
Digital literacy and safety workshops
Fun classes with a mix of individual and collaborative projects
Passionate teachers who will be your guide and mentor
Daily clubs and committees to participate in: Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Visual Arts, Coding, Public Speaking, etc.
Learn Javascript coding through interactive games

Advantages For Parents:

Approachable principal and teaching staff
Proven track record of high EQAO, CTBS, and other student metrics
Peace of mind that your child is immersed in a safe, loving environment
Transportation available
Extended hours of care from 7:30am to 5:30pm
Personalized curriculum catered to your child’s learning style
Daily notifications about your child’s school to your smart device via Edsby Learning Platform
Affordable tuition rates

Courses Offered:

Grade9: English / ESL, Canadian Geography, Mathematics, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts,Music, Healthy Active Living , Computer Science, French, Science  

Grade10: English / ESL, Dramatic Arts, Civics & Career Studies , Introduction to Business, Computer Science, Canadian History, Healthy Active Living, French, Science , Mathematics , Visual Arts, Music

Grade11:English, Canadian Law, Accounting, Healthy Active Living, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Wold History, Math, Physics, French, Journalism, Visual Arts, Chemistry, Biology, Dramatic Arts, Computer Science

Grade12: English, Kinesiology, Computer Science, International Business, Math Functions, Canadian and International Law, Writer’s Craft, Data Management, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, Literature, Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts.

ESL Preparation Certificate Program

This program has been uniquely created for students with little or no previous experience in English language communication. Over the course of one year, students will develop tools in speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as other specialized communication environments (scientific English, business etiquette, academic writing, etc.). This program presents learners with the requisite English language abilities they demand to start high school credit courses.
Seneca Hill Private School carefully crafted ESL curriculum is planned to take students from any level of English Proficiency and provide them with a solid foundation in the language. Seneca Hill Private School program focuses on the four fundamental elements of the English language – Reading, Writing, Grammar and Conversation. Through ESL classes, after-school workshops, mentorship programs and many other integrative activities, international students will be given ample opportunity to enhance their English language skills. By the end of the program, students will emerge confident in the proper foundation they received in English.

Online Summer Camp

All online summer campers will benefit from a blend of academic learning, life skill development, interactive activities and physical exercise. Seneca Hill Private School online summer camp program for kids focuses on strengthening academic skills to help prepare your child for their next grade level, without the stress of tests or exams. Each online camper will participate in daily lessons from 10am –2pm, with scheduled breaks and time to socialize virtually with their classmates.

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