Leaside High school

  • Founded in 1945
  • 954 students
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If you are interest to know more about Leaside high school, lechool might be helpful for you. Leaside is a school at Toronto.

About Leaside High school

Welcome to Leaside High School

Leaside founded in 1945 and it has 954 students and more than 54 teachers.

In late 2006, Leaside High was rated "Best Toronto School for Languages" by Toronto Life magazine

Principal: Marisa Cocco

The school houses the French immersion program from Cosburn Middle School and Northlea E.M.S, along with the Extended French program from Milne Valley Middle School, Cosburn Middle School, and Valley Park Middle School.

Leaside offers a semestered program from Grades 9 to 12. Each discipline offers a continuum of skill development to prepare students for a future of lifelong learning. Leaside offers a range of programs for students with diverse interests, including numerous languages, digital photography, forensics and communications technology.

Leaside offers various programs for students with several interests, including digital photography, numerous languages, forensics and communications technology.
Leaside has many departments such as Computers and Technology, Mathematics, Arts, French, etc.
The Leaside Lancers football team won the Tier 2 TDSB Varsity City Championships on November 21, 2019, at Varsity Stadium.

Here is a list of some teachers:

Meyer, Ms. Christina
Moledina, Ms. Nadia
Morrison, Ms. Mary
Moslehi, Mr. Hamid
Panayiotou, Ms. Helen
Poon, Mr. Vincent
Qin, Mr. Jayson
Raghunath, Ms. Leah
Crisostomo, Ms. Elizabeth
de Lang, Ms. Carolyn
dos Reis, Ms. Sandra
Du, Ms. Mary
Fagan, Ms. Finola
Fularski, Ms. Gail
Georgiadis, Mr. Jim
Griffin, Mr. Michael

Special Alumni:

Will Arnett, actor
Laura Bertram, actress
Warren Hill, musician
Jeff Jones, bass player
Nathaniel G. Moore, author
Mike Bradwell, former Canadian football wide receiver, Grey Cup champion
Edwin, musician
Terry Fallis, author
Margaret Atwood, author
Brooke Nevin, actress


It is better to make a list of features that you want in the school your child attends. Schools should be a place where children and teenagers feel happiness and pride, so your choice matters.

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