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Alcuin College, located in Vancouver, produces well-rounded graduates equipped for university and lifelong learning. Alcuin College ensures smaller tutorial groups of students under the expert guidance of a master teacher.

About Alcuin College

Welcome to Alcuin College


At Alcuin College, students develop analytic and creative skills and are challenged to think critically and to reflect.



A progressive independent school rooted in curiosity-led learning, named Alcuin College, is founded in 2012 by the management of Stella Ablett as the Head. This establishment aims to constitute a successful model of education that focuses on the regular increment and improvement of every student.


Programs in Alcuin College

Alcuin consists of two schools, ranging from kindergarten to grade 6 and grade 7 to grade 12, named Junior and Senior schools. Both schools have their specific annual schedules to aid students in achieving their goals accurately and regularly. As Alcuin College classes are small, every child is known, understood, and has the space to be an individual. Alcuin College collaborates closely with parents, so Alcuin College always has the insights that help us understand and adapt to their child’s changing needs.


Art in Alcuin College

One of the most exciting programs that Alcuin provides for the pupils is Fine Art. Fine Art includes several subjects in which Alcuin has the most critical items. These different subjects are classified in a way that everyone could enjoy it. Acting, Drama, Theatre, Music, Dance, and Visual Arts are among those programs Alcuin college can state. 


Other Most Important Pedagogies and Subject Courses

Besides Fine Art, which is always popular, there is a wide variety of topics so that each student can study and learn according to their interests while enjoying childhood and adolescence. These subjects are as follows: 




Early Reading


Social Studies

Foreign Languages

Humanities and Social Science

Sex and Health Education

Advanced Placement Courses

Physical Education

Computers and Technology


Physical Education in Alcuin College

Alcuin College Sport is a fantastic way to get involved in the college, meet lots of people, and make some of the best experiences colleges have to offer! Alcuin college promotes inclusivity. All abilities are welcome, from complete beginners to regular players. We have a wide variety of sports, played socially and competitively. These sports are listed like Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Men’s and Women’s Football, Pool, Darts, etc.

Space for these College sports is made available to get involved and play in a fun and social atmosphere. On the other hand, of course, there are many opportunities to play competitively. 


Why Alcuin is College Rather Than a School

While college means a community and adult people gather and share their knowledge, Alcuin is a college although it is a K-12 school. In Alcuin, teachers and students can share information and learn cross over one another. Sometimes they are teachers and kinds of staff who are learning new things from students, and thus why Alcuin is a college and not a school.


Why You Should Choose Alcuin College

At first, Alcuin tries to understand the personality of every single student. In this regard, size of classes are small that teacher could have a close relationship with students and recognize their talents soon and correctly. This unique relationship between every student and the teacher is the main reason for Alcuin’s success. Alcuin believes that it is essential that students can find something inspiring around themselves in school. The environment that Alcuin creates allows students to feel safe, accepted, and respected. This situation develops fundamental skills like analytical and creative skills. Alcuin also will enable students to investigate their world and learn a vast range of topics. As a result, the different sides of the personality of every student are monitored for his/him talents. In addition, Alcuin is a community, which means that students, teachers, staff, and parents are a family.

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