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  • Founded in 1994
  • At least 300 students
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Lions Gate Christian Academy's goal is to develop the students’ skills in all subject areas for the purpose of furthering their education and worshipping and glorifying God the Father.

About Lions Gate Christian Academy

Welcome to Lions Gate Christian Academy

In 1994 Christian Fellowship in Vancouver determined to make the association between spiritual education and the experimental sciences. This opens up new avenues and widen horizons for Christianity to combine the doctrines of Christ Jesus with the scientifically proven facts of scientists of different ages and to establish pure teaching. Hold accountable for the development of Lions Gate Christian school definitely is the vision of the school on academic excellence in a Christian environment, And it is this vision that brings the school's annual enrollment to an average of 300 students.


Everything you need to know about Lions Gate Christian school environment


A topic that dear parents should pay attention to is that the capacity of Lions Gate classes is limited. This selection of students makes teachers have better supervision over the students. ultimately this subject increases the quality of education in this school. Kindergarten classes have a maximum enrollment of 22 people each year and 1st-8th grades are reduced to 25 students each year.

Lions Gate Christian School is not affiliated with any church or denomination. This school pursues the ideals of God and Christ and is not a supporter of a particular group or any sect's opinion. 



There are a few academic programs at Lions Gate such as Elementary, Hight school, Athletics, and Afterschool supervision. The existence of art and sports activities such as football and basketball in each of the educational stages makes studying in this school very enjoyable and learning lessons along with games and sports. Lions Gate Christian school's main goal is to keep students connected and out of school in a safe and healthy way. Lions Gate programs are not limited to the study period, but you will enjoy the benefits even after the study period.




  • It does not matter how old your child is, in any case, you can trust Lions Gate Christian Academy
  • Lions Gate Christian Academy has collected the best teaching team for different educational levels.
  • benefits even after the end of the study period



Plans and values:

Lions Gate Christian Academy's future plan and vision is to increase the school staff and enroll students in each school year. Lions Gate also strives to hold exciting seasonal programs alongside lessons. The ideals of this school are fun and joy along with safe and holy education.




Staff Information:

Different teachers in different fields (such as sports, art, science ... ) from Kindergarten to high school work in Lions Gate Christian Academy, which we mention in the following lines.



Mary Munro  

Lions Gate has different and professional teachers, but she is the best at communicating with children. Mary is our Kindergarten Teacher and she leads children to education with her cheerful and energetic personality. You can trust Lions Gate for any age of your children. Mary is now in her 21st year at Lions Gate Christian Academy.


Kristin Robinson & Taylor Murray          

A few years ago, something important happened in Lions Gate, and that was that Kristin Robinson joined the school's teaching staff. Now Kristin is Lions Gate’s 1st Grade Teacher. She has enough education and skills to communicate with children in their first year of school. Taylor is another teacher for 1th Grade, Kristin and Taylor work together to spread knowledge in Vancouver. Taylor also work as 3th Grade teacher, He works very hard for children’s education.


Jennifer Chua

Teaching second grade requires a special skill that Jennifer can handle well. Her flawless education makes it less difficult for students to understand the lessons at higher levels of education.


Holly Lasko & & Taylor Murray 

Throughout her teaching career at Lions Gate, Kristin strives to provide a safe environment for children to thrive. She is 3rd Grade Teacher . Holly has been in Lions Gate since 2009 and attempts for the Christian community and children. Holly is the primary Head for 3rd grade and Taylor is working with her for 3th grade. These two are the best shape of teamwork at Lion’s Gate and teach teamwork to school students. Lions Gate Christian Academy believes that student collaboration is a reflection of teachers' collaboration. Teaching in the act is more efficient than theoretical teaching in the case of scientific words. In one package, Lions Gate Christian Academy teaches morality.  Lions gate is a private Christian school that changes your quality. Lions gate supports Kindergarten to high school educational levels. 


Janine Richardson   

Who can lead the intermediate part of Lions Gate Christian Academy better than Janine? The answer is clear, NONE! Janine Richardson is Grade 4 Intermediate Head of Lions Gate Christian Academy. 



Mary Lee       

One of the most talented people in the school staff is Mary Lee. She teaches for fun and one of her hobbies is teaching to 5th Grade children. It makes her proud Now she is at Lions Gate to help us improve students’ faith and knowledge.


Heather Dreyer        

We have to say that for many students, 6th grade without Heather is not attractive. She is one of the most skilled teachers in this college.


Jennifer Stokes         

Jennifer has a lot of responsibilities in this academy. She teaches the 6th and 7th grades and does this job well. Jennifer is one of those teachers who teaches hard work to students along with lessons.


Megan Friesen          

she has devoted all her time at Lions Gate School to teaching children the principles of Christianity and science. Now, she is 7th Grade Teacher at Lions Gate. She is a really important part of Lion’s gate also she has taught others to be responsible and to pay attention to the word of God.


Joan Reader 

French is difficult, and Joan teaches it in high school, and she does it best.



Notable Alumni:


Janine Koldyk

Grade 6 Middle School Teacher


Sally Malazo

Educational Assistant


Beth Bowerman

Research Services Coordinator at National Ataxia Foundation


Amanda Boland



Debbie Harvey

ESS And Learning Resource Coordinator For Middle School


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