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  • Founded in 1901
  • 500 students
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Balmoral Hall School is an all-girl school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Students from kindergarten to grade 12 can study STEAM-based lessons in an interactive atmosphere.

About Balmoral Hall School

Welcome to Balmoral Hall School

Balmoral Hall School (established 1901) is a day and boarding school for girls and is based in 630 Westminster Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3S1. Through STEAM-based education and experiences, students build confidence and life skills. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Parents place their trust in the Balmoral Hall School for ensuring that each girl’s educational experience is personal, challenging, and supportive.


Mrs. Joanne Kamins

Facts about Balmoral Hall School:

  • In Grade 9, students take a polar bear study trip to Churchill, Manitoba, when travelling and scientific trips are proper.

  • The prep hockey team has won several JWHL championships, and regularly, graduating seniors attend NCAA Division 1 school.

  • Students can attend weeklong, off-campus learning sessions in all grades.

  • As part of their physical education, students often skate or ski along Winnipeg’s Red River trail during winter.

  • The College Board has awarded the school with consecutive awards in Computer Science AP education.

In Balmoral Hall School, students in grade 11 can gain real-world experience through an internship program. This helps them to encounter real situations to find practical solutions. The curriculum consists of STEM subjects for ages 2 through 12 as well as arts and humanities. In addition to these subjects, BH School offers diverse and stimulating learning experiences for all students. This is a part of their vision to enhance the ability to interact in real-life situations for the students. Balmoral Hall School wants people everywhere to feel a deep sense of trust in Balmoral Hall School because of the values Balmoral Hall School inspires in the community. Parents trust Balmoral Hall School to personalize each girl's educational experience, care for each girl, challenge her to grow, build a supportive community around her, and, most importantly, prepare her for the future.







Graphic Design



Studio Art

Theater Arts


The Blazers is the name of Balmoral Hall’s team in athletics. There is a wide array of sports available at the school, including:


Ultimate frisbee


Ice hockey


Track and field


Special Alumni:

Bailey Bram, Ice hockey player

Sarah Carter, Actress

Christine Bestland, Ice hockey player

Carla Lehmann, Actress

Colleen Furlan, Actress

Ashleigh Banfield, Journalist

Chantal Kreviazuk, Singer

Loreena McKennitt, Singer

Taylor Woods, Ice hockey player

Patricia Bovey, Canadian Senator

A live-in residence is available at Balmoral Hall School for students around the globe. A maximum of 90 students is permitted to study at Balmoral Hall. Residents have the opportunity to immerse and take part in a unique educational program for internationals, which provides opportunities for residents to participate in Canadian cultural activities. In addition, students are encouraged to partake in athletic activities at school and at Winnipeg Winter Club.

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