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Bedford Road Collegiate is part of the Saskatoon Public School Division. Since opening its doors in 1923, Bedford Road has established itself as a collegiate with a distinguished history and tradition. This history and tradition have helped cultivate an atmosphere at Bedford Road Collegiate that can best be described as feeling like a family.

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Welcome to Bedford Road Collegiate

Bedford Road Collegiate is also known as BRCI (Bedford Road Collegiate Institute) or Bedford. is a public high school on the west side of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is Saskatoon's second-oldest high school, opened on February 12, 1923. Bedford Road Collegiate is home to many unique academic programs, including the International Baccalaureate program and Pre-Engineering and the well-known BRIT Basketball Tournament. The IB curriculum represents the highest level of rigor of any high school program. Most well-respected universities recruit IB students and offer unique scholarships, transfer credits, and other incentives. Note that most of the time, you must actively seek out and apply for the scholarships available.

Principal: Scott Ferguson

Land-Based Education:

The Land-Based Education Program at Bedford Road Collegiate sees Grade 9 students and academicians using an environmental approach to learning that recognizes the deep connection and relationship to their place in the world and the Land. It seeks to offer education about the Land. This approach acknowledges that knowing and learning can occur through the cultivation and observation of the relationship between people and the Land. Learners will take part in a diversity of activities which may include daily bike trips, canoeing, walking, as well as various field trips to experience the areas in and around Saskatoon that can improve the curriculum and increase student understanding of their place and the influence they can make in immediate surroundings and global society.

Special Alumni:

Ethel Catherwood, Olympic track and field gold medalist

Lefty Wilkie, Major League Baseball player

Roy Romanow, Premier of Saskatchewan (1991–2001)

Michael Garnett, hockey player for Traktor Chelyabinsk of the KHL


The Pre-Engineering program, based at Bedford Road Collegiate's Cameco Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics, sees learners use different, hands-on learning stations to improve the technical and communication skills required to solve problems. Successful Pre-Engineering learners are independent and self-motivated. They enjoy problem-solving in a science and mathematics environment.

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