Evan Hardy Collegiate

  • Founded in 1966
  • 900 (approximately) students
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Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute is also known as Evan Hardy, Hardy, or simply EHCI. Evan Hardy Collegiate is accepting students from grades 9 through 12. Evan Hardy Collegiate is a public high school located on the East side of Saskatoon with blue and gold colors.

About Evan Hardy Collegiate

Welcome to Evan Hardy Collegiate

Evan Hardy Collegiate is a public high school founded in 1966 and named for noted University of Saskatchewan professor Evan Alan Hardy. Every Saskatoon Public Schools' collegiate allows various services to assist learners with high school and post-secondary education plans and career planning. Collegiate counselors also present information and resources about healthy relationships and lifestyles, family and personal issues, and overall student wellness.


Evan Hardy Collegiate offers programming options like:

A Media School where students learn about the art of filmmaking, English as a Second Language/English as an Additional Language Supports, Advanced Placement course options, An Autism/Aspergers Resource Centre, Practical and Applied Arts Survey classes, Photography and Graphic Arts, Functional Life Skills Programs



Principal: Rick Iverson

Evan Hardy Collegiate offers Advanced Placement courses in:

Physics 1, 2, C-E&M, and C-M

Calculus AB and BC


Studio Art 2D, 3D, Drawing

Computer Science Principles

English Literature & Composition


Special Alumni:

Jay Semko, musician

Larry Wruck, former CFL player

Martine Gaillard, TV Personality

Mike Anderson, former CFL player

Ewan Currie, musician

Ryan Gullen, musician

Susan Ormiston, television broadcaster

Jeff Piercy, former CFL Fullback

Doug Redl, former CFL player

Scott Redl, former CFL player

Kyle Riabko, musician/actor



Girl's and Boy's Curling

Football Cheerleading

Competition Cheerleading



Senior Golf

Frosh, Junior and Senior Volleyball

Freshmen, Junior and Senior Basketball

Junior and Senior Badminton

Junior and Senior Football

Senior Soccer

Cross Country Running



Jazz Band

Jazz Studies    

Coffee House 


Jazz Choir       

Jr. Band

Sr. Band          


Play/One Acts

Drama 30 One Acts



Japan Exchange:

The Japanese Exchange Program allows learners from Saskatoon Public Schools the opportunity to experience Japanese culture not as a tourist but through immersion in a Japanese family and school life. This unique opportunity supports students to practice and develop proficiency in the Japanese language and to experience personal growth in social skills, independence, acceptance of cultural/individual differences and problem-solving.



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