Roland Michener School​

Roland Michener School​ is a public school located in Saskatoon, Canada. This public school provides classes for students from kindergarten to Gr. 12.

About Roland Michener School​

Welcome Roland Michener School​

Welcome to Roland Michener School, where all the community is dedicated to offering a high-quality education in a welcoming, supportive, and compassionate atmosphere. 

Leaders in Literacy. Roland Michener School​ has a strong focus on literacy. Saskatoon Public Schools' award-winning Literacy for Life initiative means that Kindergarten to Grade 8 classrooms offer a strong literacy component that ensures students develop skills and attitudes that lead to success. When it comes to supporting literacy, Roland Michener School is a leader.


Mrs. Kerrie Rutherford

Your child's passion for knowledge, as well as his or her desire to obtain the rest of the world, is supported and cultivated at their school. The students lately volunteered their care and support to a community center as part of Roland Michener's continuous education technology curriculum, which was accompanied by a tour to the Saskatoon Foodbank to serve there. Other kids have lately volunteered at Stensrud Lodge, where they are assisting the residents in a range of activities. The United Nations Global Poster Competition is something that Roland Michener School​ kids are really interested in. This program is open to students from around the city of Saskatoon.

Their teachers capitalize on their kids' likes and interests to ensure that learning occurs naturally and effortlessly. The learners are mostly from the East College Park neighbourhood of Saskatoon and originate from a range of ethnic backgrounds.


Indoor Track

Outdoor Track and Field

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Roland Michener's team is hardworking and kind. Instructors help kids understand by guiding them and ensuring that they are fully involved in the process. The concepts and methods of Assessment for Learning enable continual academic development. The team of Roland Michener is focused on academic development and student well-being. Theor employees motivate students to learn.

They think that parents have a crucial role in their child's schooling. They value and promote parents' involvement in their children's education. They can provide the finest learning environment for each child by close collaboration together.

KinderCare Program

The KinderCare Program is designed to provide another choice for childcare families in the Roland Michener School community who do not choose to send their children to 1/2-day kindergarten. This curriculum is designed for Roland Michener School kindergarten pupils. KinderCare is offered full-time or part-time.

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