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  • Founded in 1911
  • 700 (approximately) students
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Approximately half of Toronto's population was born outside of Canada, However Central Toronto Academy is famous school for all Canadian people.

About Central Toronto Academy

Welcome to  Central Toronto Academy

Central Toronto Academy (CTA); formerly Central Commerce Collegiate Institute and originally High School of Commerce and Finance is a public, semester secondary school located in the Palmerston-Little Italy neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada part of the Toronto District School Board.

Principal: Iwona Kurman

The CTA Athletics Program offers a variety of activities and opportunities for students to gain valuable knowledge and skills for a healthy, active lifestyle.

CTA is very well known for our very competitive basketball teams, but these teams are just one aspect of the program for our student-athletes. We provide student-athletes with the expertise, resources and skill development required to foster growth towards a successful transition to a life-long love for physical activity.

The following sports teams are currently offered at CTA:

Fall Season:

  • Basketball - Girls
  • Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Soccer - Boys
  • Volleyball - Boys

Winter Season:

  • Basketball - Boys
  • Indoor Soccer - Boys & Girls
  • Ice Hockey - Boys
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball - Girls
  • Spring Season:
  • Archery
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Flag Football - Girls
  • Soccer - Girls
  • Softball/Slo-Pitch - Girls
  • Track & Field
  • Table Tennis
  • Ultimate - Co-ed
  • Volleyball - Co-ed



Instagram: @centraltorontoacademy

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a Ministry-approved program that offers grade 11 and 12 students the opportunity to be mentored by community professionals, gain industry experience and acquire transferable skills for success in the real world.

CTA Business Entrepreneurship SHSM partners include:

  1. The Royal Bank of Canada
  2. Gotstyle
  3. Sully Wong
  4. University of Toronto
  5. The Learning Partnership
  6. George Brown
  7. Humber College
  8. OCADU
  9. Red Academy
  10. York University

Iwona Kurman believes that at CTA they are committed to developing 21st Century learners who contribute in a socially responsible and innovative way to the global community. Each student is encouraged and supported to achieve his/her highest individual potential – academically, personally and physically – and to develop confidence and leadership skills

In September 2014, Central Commerce Collegiate Institute was renamed Central Toronto Academy because of the change in the school's ethos, from a school focusing on business and commerce to one whose focus is on arts, academics, and athletics. The school also offers Advanced Placement courses.


Being a teenager is not easy. There are so many changes happening on so many levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Your brain is changing, your hormones are running wild, then add onto that friendship, relationships, social and academic pressures, and of course – social media. in this situation, it is necessary to have a friendly school which helps you grow on many sides. Making the decision to improve your skills takes you a step closer to feeling more confident. Once you have achieved a certain goal, gained another skill, or developed a certain area of your life, you naturally feel good about yourself. The more you keep on developing in the areas of your life you are not confident in, the more you can boost your confidence. Everybody got its own talent inside. Every individual has its own idea and talent. But most of us can not explore it because of lacking personal development. Without growth, life is like a dull existence. Due to lie situations, many people can not develop personally. Growth is an essential part of the life of a person. Personal development helps us to learn which we are capable to learn. Personal development is very important. It helps to find out the opportunity to create a better life mentally, physically and spiritually. Personal development is very important. It helps to find out the opportunity to create a better life mentally, physically and spiritually. There are a few reasons why personal development is important.

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