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Chute Lake Elementary is a private school in Kelowna, Canada. This school is highly ranked as a private elementary school for students from Gr.1 to 8.

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The 471 kids at Chute Lake Elementary School (CLE) have good abilities and good parents. In 2009, the school officially opened with a particular goal in mind, concentrating on the children and who they might become in the future, not only during their school years. They looked at the larger picture of education and began a process with the teachers, staff, and community that resulted in the creation of their school's core mission. They have changed their mission statement and vision as a society to reflect their ongoing transformation to put children at the heart of their education and to stress that we're all learners (staff, students, and parents).


Mrs. Brenda Kirsch

The growth strategy for Chute Lake Elementary School has focused on carrying out its goal and vision of fostering collaborative, enquiring, adaptable, and tolerant young people who help make the world a better place by being flexible, innovative, and critical thinkers. "Lead with Kindness" is their school motto. The students have participated in a variety of educational experiences over the years, including "Making Thinking Visible (MTV) strategies," Critical Thinking, inquiry-based learning, the Learning in Depth (LiD) program, Passion Projects, learning through the game, project-based learning, learning through our Natural World, and collaborative learning. Learning practices that correspond with their emphasis on inquiry and cognition have been specially picked via cooperation between school teachers and staff, families, children, and learning partners.







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Chute Lake Elementary has also had the honor of serving as Central Okanagan's "hub school." This indicates that their institution has invited educators from both within and beyond the region to study and enhance their profession. They collaborate closely with their district's Instructional Leadership Team to implement evidence-based curriculum and instruction. To direct their work, they use the OECD 7 + 3 Learning methods, The Spirals of Inquiry, and the First People's Principles of Learning. Their "scan" statistics lets them know where their students are at, what inspires and motivates them, and what the next steps should be as a school learning environment.

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