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Kelowna Secondary School is located in Raymer Avenue, Kelowna Secondary School, also known as Kelowna SS, is a public school from grades 10 to 12. In partnership with parents, KSS strives to provide educational excellence in a vibrant and respectful environment.

About Kelowna Secondary School

Welcome to Kelowna Secondary School

Kelowna Secondary School was founded in 2002, KSS students and staff have worked hard to achieve impressive academic and non-academic programs. With a focus on student success, Kelowna Secondary School asks that families try not to schedule long holidays during school time. It is highly challenging to replicate the missed learning environment.  

Principal: Troy White

Kelowna Secondary School was rated 3rd in the province by the 2004/05 Fraser Sand rankings.


At Kelowna Secondary School, the mission is to present a safe and secure atmosphere with various opportunities for learners to pursue excellence, improve creative and critical thinking, become self-reliant, and develop positive self-esteem. Everyone at Kelowna Secondary School will be treated with respect and dignity, given chances to succeed, and supported to create a life-long love of learning. Kelowna Secondary School will advocate school, home, and community communication.

Special Alumni:

Jerod Zaleski, Montreal Alouettes player

Nava Ashraf, economist 

Ben Cotton, actor 

Alix Hawley, author, and winner of 2015 First Novel Award

Naben Ruthnum, author and winner of the 2013 Journey Prize

Paul Johansson, One Tree Hill (TV Series) actor

Taylor Loffler, Winnipeg Blue Bombers player

Dianne Watts, Former Mayor of Surrey, BC


Kelowna Secondary School's staff are caring, dedicated professionals who understand that their primary role is to support students. KSS has an intense learning center and learning assistance room with the backing over the lunch hours for students who need more support academically or socially, and emotionally.

Kelowna Secondary School believes:

They Should foster a life-long love of learning, and should provide opportunities for students to succeed. KSS must present opportunities for learners to pursue excellence in various academic, physical, social, technological, and aesthetic skills through curricular and extra-curricular programs.


Kelowna Secondary School Fine Arts program, including Band, Dance, Art, Video Production, and Drama, have experienced another great year.  Kelowna Secondary School Night Owl Theatre produced the show: A Christmas Carol. Kelowna Secondary School's excellent Band program again offered many fantastic musical opportunities for students. 

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