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An essential aspect of life at Collingwood is the infinite opportunities offered to students and staff alike. Collingwood supports students in being curious and enjoying a “buffet of opportunities” in their younger years, allowing them to explore a range of classes and co-curricular offerings to find what they are passionate about.

About Collingwood School

Welcome to Collingwood School

Collingwood School is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational, university-preparatory school founded on September 10, 1984. Located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, it delivers the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Collingwood was founded by an intrepid group of parents seeking an excellent education for their children. Through their efforts, their vision became a reality and their commitment to excellence prevails to this day throughout the Collingwood community.

The school motto is From Vision to Reality.


Collingwood School education creates infinite opportunities for students to excel. Collingwood Four Strand approach—academics, athletics, arts, and service— is delivered through university preparatory programs that are collaborative, interdisciplinary, relevant, and pioneering. graduates will join the global community as critical thinkers who are resilient, socially conscious, and prepared to make the most of their opportunities.

Collingwood school’s main mission is to prepare young people for meaningful lives.

Collingwood school values are:

To be a pioneer and leader, one must have courage. This is the foundation on which Collingwood School builds integrity, confidence, resilience and respect for self and others. Collingwood School graduates will use their courage as they rise to meet challenges throughout their lives and seek to make a better future for the world.

Curiosity drives a passion for continual learning and exploring. This passion, in turn, drives innovation and collaboration. To inspire curiosity, Collingwood School pushes beyond the core curriculum to ensure our students are engaged in an education that is uncommon and unbounded.

In Collingwood School essence, Collingwood is a community of students, families, alumni, faculty, and staff. The diversity and inclusivity of our family is a strength. Together, Collingwood School must focus on listening, patience, humility, and teamwork. Collingwood School also belongs to larger civic, national, and global communities. Collingwood School expresses belief in community-mindedness through our commitment to leadership, respect for one another, and service to others.

Special Alumni

Mackenzie Davis, actress
Ryan Wang, pianist
Valerie Teicher, singer, songwriter, and record producer
Pasha Eshghi, filmmaker
Alexander Ludwig, actor, singer, and model

Careers At Collingwood School

Collingwood School’s purpose is to teach, model, inspire, and encourage our students, ultimately preparing them to become successful global citizens. With an innovative, evolving approach to teaching, the totality of curriculum provides students with a wealth of diverse, meaningful and transformative educational experiences.

It Offers:
Attractive compensation and benefits package
A generous RRSP matching plan
Unparalleled access to professional development opportunities and Master’s Support Program
Access to campus facilities, including gyms, fitness facilities and library system

Round Square
Collingwood is a member of the international Round Square network of schools. “Round Square is a worldwide association of schools, which share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility through service, challenge, adventure, and international understanding.”

It seeks to give every student a variety of academic, physical, cultural and spiritual experiences to enhance their global outlook. Collingwood annually sends students across the globe to Round Square International Service trips, to exotic destinations such as India, Belize, and Thailand. Projects include building homes and schools for communities in constructing a freshwater collection system in countries. There is also involved in local service initiatives, such as Habitat for Humanity. Every year, Collingwood sends a delegation of both staff and students to the International Round Square Conference.

In October 2008, Collingwood School co-hosted the international senior Round Square conference with Glenlyon Norfolk School. Delegates from every Round Square school were billeted with Collingwood families. The theme of this conference was “Creating Sustainable Communities – Local to Global”.

Key Contacts

Jacquelyn Johnson
Round Square Representative
Service Learning Coordinator
Wentworth Campus (JK-7)
[email protected]

Katie Field
Round Square Representative
Morven Campus (8-12)
[email protected]

Ashleigh Gold
Round Square Coordinator
Morven Campus (10-12)
[email protected]


WrestlingMountain biking
Field hockey
Track and field
Cross country

Art At Collingwood

The Arts are a meaningful part of student education, promoting creativity and self-expression while teaching patience and teamwork. Exposure to the Arts expands the ability to look at issues from multiple perspectives and to invent solutions in unique ways.

There are two main art departments in Collingwood:

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Collingwood Certificate

The Collingwood Certificate program is a set of higher standards in addition to the BC Ministry of Education’s requirements. The Collingwood Certificate program accompanies the unique Four Strands approach at Collingwood School. The Collingwood Certificate challenges students with respect to academic achievement, compulsory athletic participation, continued arts enrollment, participation in community service, the graduation portfolio, and overall citizenship at the school. Upon graduation, the Collingwood Certificate diploma is awarded to all those that meet the requirements.

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Jason He wrote on (2022-Oct-23) :

Great school, top teachers, high tier facilities

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