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In 1993, the parents of West Vancouver Montessori established a school for preschool and kindergarten in a small portable on the West Vancouver Montessori School campus The Mission of Mulgrave School is inspiring excellence in education and life.

About Mulgrave School

Welcome to Mulgrave School

Mulgrave School is a gender-inclusive, secular IB World School, it offers the International Baccalaureate curriculum to students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 in a spectacular West Vancouver setting.

Head of School: John Wray


• Individual values are based on personal integrity and acting with respect towards others.
• Mulgrave's sense of community and friendship is founded on humility, empathy, commitment, and inclusion.
• Lifelong learning is built upon curiosity, creativity, agility, and innovative thinking.
• A global perspective and environmental and social responsibility are central to becoming true world citizens.
• All members of the Mulgrave community strive for wellbeing and balance and understand that striving for one’s personal best should be enjoyable.


Science Labs (with gas lines)
Film Studio360-seat theatre
Art Department
Design Studio
Lee Boot


• Learners have ample opportunities to practice and apply their learning in real-world contexts.
• Learners experience a range of learning and teaching methodologies and resources that engage, motivate and inspire them to learn effectively and enjoy the learning experience.
• Learners have increasing agency in their learning, including having a voice, choice and ownership about what, how and where they learn.
• Learners receive ongoing feedback about their learning that is timely, specific and leads to future growth.
• Learners feel individually challenged at an appropriate level that helps them build on prior learning and achieve further success.
• Learners readily connect new learning with previous knowledge, concepts and skills.
• Learners have regular opportunities to collaborate with and learn from others.
• Learners experience close, supportive and respectful relationships with their teachers and peers.
• Learners thrive in an environment that is emotionally, intellectually and physically safe, where risk-taking and supported failure are seen as necessary developmental steps to improvement.
• Learners understand the purpose of their learning and see how their learning is preparing them for success.

Outdoor Education:

Mulgrave offers a vibrant Outdoor Education Programme that engages all K-12 students in experiences outside of the classroom. Mulgrave values the opportunity for students to make links between outdoor education and their classroom learning experiences. For this reason, it offers activities throughout the year for students to engage in these “experiential” learning opportunities.

Mulgrave believes that students should have:

• Outdoor skills that are taught in a sequential manner so that when they leave Mulgrave they have a well-rounded skill set that allows them to continue to pursue outdoor opportunities as part of their personal life.
• Opportunities to develop an individual connection with nature.
• Classroom learning experiences that are enhanced by direct curriculum links to “real life” outdoor experiences.
• The choice to further their involvement in Outdoor Education beyond grade-wide experiences.
• Opportunities to develop an individual connection with their peers and with their teachers inside and outside of the classroom
• Outdoor experiences that are authentically connected to the areas of Academics, Athletics, the Arts and Citizenship.

Social Media

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International Baccalaureate Programme at Mulgrave School

Mulgrave offers the International Baccalaureate programme (IB), including the primary year's programme (PYP), the middle year's programme (MYP), and the diploma programme (DP). PYP runs from ages 3-12 or up to grade 9, MYP from ages 12-16 or up to grade 10 and the DP program from ages 16-19 or grades 11 to 12.

Mulgrave School academic programme is first-rate with a proven record of excellence, including high marks and IB diploma pass rates that put us on par with the top IB schools in the world. In addition, it offers a wide variety of enrichment opportunities, many of them embedded within the school day. students learn a second language (Mandarin, French or Spanish), have regular lessons in both the creative and performing arts, engage in daily physical activity, and are encouraged to serve their local and global communities.

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