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Jarvis Collegiate Institute is the oldest school in Toronto. Jarvis Collegiate Institute is a part of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Prior to 1998, it was within the Toronto Board of Education (TBE). The interesting fact is It is named after Jarvis Street where it is located.

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About Jarvis Collegiate Institute

Welcome to Jarvis Collegiate Institute

Jarvis is committed to presenting a rich and varied program, supporting higher-order thinking and research, and communication skills. Over 90% of Jarvis Collegiate Institute graduates attend university, including top schools like U of T, Waterloo, Dalhousie, and Queens. A high number of graduates are Ontario Scholars, and many receive scholarships/bursaries.

Principal: Michael Harvey


Jarvis Collegiate was founded as a private school in 1797. In 1807 the government of Ontario, then known as the British colony of Upper Canada, took over the school and incorporated it. In 1871 the new building opened at 361 Jarvis Street, just south of College Street, near Allan Gardens. In 1889, the annexation of Parkdale brought a second high school (Parkdale Collegiate Institute) to the board, precipitating yet another name change from Toronto High School to Jarvis Street High School. The school was given its current name, Jarvis Collegiate Institute, in 1890.


Equity & student empowerment club
"Silver Certified" Eco-School
Participation in academic contests and global citizenship conferences
Vibrant Art, Drama, and Music Programs
Growing English as a Second Language Program
Development of global competencies and AP Courses in Math, Science, English, and Social Sciences
French Language Program
Leadership and Mentorship Programs
Full range of sports teams & intramurals
Travel opportunities to Europe, U.S. and within Canada

Special Alumni:

Linda Kash - actress, comedian, radio host
Sara Seager - astrophysicist and planetary scientist
Bert Wemp, Toronto mayor 1929
Torquil Campbell - member of the band Stars
Amy Millan - member of the band Stars
Olivia Chow - Member of Parliament
Sir Sam Hughes - JCI teacher, Member of Parliament 1911, Minister of the Militia, knighted 1915
Saul Rae - Jarvis 1931 - Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations
Sir Lyman Duff - Chief Justice of Canada 1933 - knighted
J. Miles Dale, 1970s - film producer
Stephan James - actor most notable for his role as Jesse Owens in the 2016 film Race.
David Joseph - basketball coach and former college player
George Henry - Premier of Ontario 1930–34
Omond Solandt - chancellor, University of Toronto
William Finlayson - Ontario Minister of Lands and forests, 1930s
Ernest Thompson Seton, 1870s - artist, naturalist, writer
David Common - CBC news correspondent
Nicole Stoffman - actress and jazz singer
Mia Kirshner - actress and writer
Henry Lumley Drayton, 1880s - Minister of Finance, 1919–1921
Allan Lawrence - 1940s - Attorney-General of Canada
Harry Sniderman - invented the baseball drop pitch
Hector Charlesworth, 1880s - first chairman of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Corporation

Tips for Students:

Joining or forming a learning group has a lot of advantages. You get to work with people who have different insights, and they can support you out with topics you have trouble understanding.
Here’s a list of the perks of being in a study group:
Talent sharing
Having a healthy support system
Comparing notes
Learning new ideas
Gaining friends
If you find yourself having difficulty with a special subject or topic, do not be shy and approach people you know who can help you. That means you are also meeting a lot of people and making smart connections.

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