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  • Founded in 1952
  • Approximately 130 students
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Sunnybrook School is a private middle school in Toronto. Kids learn how to develop their skills at this fantastic school from JK to Grade 6.

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About Sunnybrook School

Welcome to Sunnybrook School 

Sunnybrook Primary School is a thriving, co-ed elementary school in North Toronto. Students are inspired to become autonomous, educated, and confident learners with a grasp of their world, both locally and worldwide, through small class numbers, loving instructors, and good academics. 


Irene Davy, Ph.D.

Their unique, multinational curriculum aids in the development of skills and knowledge, as well as their personal, creative, and academic development. Sunnybrook focuses on building social and emotional awareness as well as student agency. They were the first school in Ontario to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, which is enhanced at SBS by Singapore Math, 1:1 iPads, and a strong French program.

You want your child to grow up to be well-rounded, independent, joyful, and mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. Sunnybrook School's aims include:

Strong academics.

Nourishing your child's physical and emotional needs.

Active fostering of creative and social development.

In an atmosphere of care and mutual respect, each child is encouraged to learn and grow.

Learning for the Future

They understand that the youngsters are growing up in a world that is always changing. This implies that their pupils must gain future-oriented skills in addition to standard reading and numeracy abilities. These are some of them:

Environmental literacy and global awareness


Learning via projects

Emotional and Social Learning

Well-being and Mental Health

Skills in critical thinking (analysis, perspective thinking, metacognition)

Learning agency and ownership

Ability to communicate (presentation, writing, multimedia, multi-linguistic)

Collaborative abilities

Creativity in a variety of domains

Media literacy and media awareness

Learning how to learn

Independence, responsibility, initiative, adaptability, and resiliency

SBS Curriculum

The PYP encourages creative thinking, learning, and growth, with the learner at the center of it all. Their curriculum is important, current, tough, and enjoyable. Every curriculum contains a natural dichotomy of content and methodology.

This combination of relevant material and engaging instruction at Sunnybrook brings education to life for students.

The conventional disciplines are used to create the content of their curriculum. The pedagogy is based on current methodologies, with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning. Their objective is for students to create their own meaning as they explore topics, learn new things, and improve their abilities. 

They work together with their classmates to ask relevant questions and better comprehend all they're studying. Learning comes alive as a result of a planned combination of appealing subjects and attractive presentations, and children are attracted to it.



Cross country



Track and field

Sunnybrook School IB

The PYP Program of Inquiry (POI) encompasses content instruction in science, history, geography, social studies, language arts, math, and art applications, among other subjects. Sunnybrook's POI is specific to the school, was created by the teachers, and is updated on a regular basis. Sunnybrook School's staff designed and modified this program in compliance with the IB PYP structure and the Ontario Ministry of Education's criteria. The IB PYP is supplemented at SBS with a robust Literacy Curriculum and the Singapore Math Program.


Every kid in grades 1 through 6 is involved in all areas of the show's preparation. Every year, auditions, music classes, making sets and props, practicing choreography, performing with the entire school, and designing programs and posters are all part of the SBS experience.

Shows in the past have included:


Beauty and the Beast

The Lion King

Wizard of Oz

Sound of Music


Willie Wonka



Peter Pan





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