Vancouver Technical Secondary School

  • Founded in 1916
  • 1620 students
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Vancouver Technical School, also known as Van Tech, had its humble start in King Edward High School's basement on 12th and Oak in September 1916. Vancouver Technical currently offers a wide range of academic programs: Advanced Placement, Summit, Flex Humanities, and French Immersion.

About Vancouver Technical Secondary School

Welcome to Vancouver Technical Secondary School

Van Tech, is a public secondary school located on the East Side of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Van Tech is committed to fostering the growth of social awareness and responsibility.Vancouver Technical School presents a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment in which students can develop their intellectual, social, ethical, aesthetic, physical, and emotional intelligence. 

Principal: Roberto Moro

Developing the diverse talents and gifts of all within the community is the goal of Vancouver Technical Secondary School.


Multicultural Club
Van Tech Athletic Council (VTAC)
WWF Club
Van Tech Thirst Project
Van Tech Musical Theatre Club
Key Club
Fight 4 Cancer Research Club (F4CRC)
Van Tech Podcast Club
Book Club



Rugby (Gr. 8 Boys)
Rugby 7s (Gr. 9 Boys)
Soccer (Boys)
Volleyball (Gr. 10/11/12 Boys)
Volleyball (Girls)
Cross Country
Field Hockey 5s (Girls)


Ice Hockey (Girls)
Table Tennis


Mountain Biking
Rugby (Gr. 9-12 Boys)
Soccer (Girls)
Track and Field
Volleyball (Gr. 8/9 Boys)

Special Alumni:

Julia Grosso, Soccer player for Canadian women's national team
Terry Driver, AKA “the Abbotsford Killer”
Zenia Marshall, actress and singer
John Ferguson (1938–2007), NHL player/coach
Quinn Angell, Professional ESports Gamer
Dean Malkoc, NHL player for the Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins, and New York Islanders
Greg Joy, Olympic medalist - track and field
Sam Sullivan, former mayor of the city of Vancouver, MLA for Vancouver False Creek

Some Classes:

Electronics: In electronics, students are taught about circuits and robotics. Van Tech has attended and competed in robotics tournaments

Theatre: Within the field theatre, students start in grade 8 in a drama class which is available up to grade 10. Students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 are allowed to take a theatre production class which will put on an annual play. Another class that is also offered is stage production.

Graphics: Using current design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, students can design their own projects, which include buttons, decals and basic Photoshop work. Another part of this is the Van Tech yearbook, which is designed in house by students in the same shop.

Programming: In programming, students learn the basics of coding in Python.

Learning Programming:

The current generation of children will require to be literate in technology to be competitive in the future job market. Not knowing how to code will be comparable to not learning how to read. Most jobs require the knowledge of necessary IT skills, while even retail and fast food jobs require technology and computers. Coding specialists are well-paid and highly sought-after in the current market, and opportunities for these skilled employees will expand in the future.Many of our ideas are wild dreams that aren’t acted upon because we don’t understand the limitations or capabilities of the tools available to us. Understanding how to build a website or develop a program goes a long way towards achieving those dreams.

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