Maplewood High School

  • Founded in 1967
  • 300 (approximately) students
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About Maplewood High School

Welcome to Maplewood High School

Maplewood High School (locally known as Maplewood HS, MHS, or Maplewood), formerly Maplewood Vocational School is located in West Hill, Toronto, Ontario, M1E 1W7.

Students at Maplewood receive an Ontario Certificate of Achievement Certificate upon completion of 30 courses.

Maplewood High School (locally known as Maplewood HS, MHS, or Maplewood), formerly Maplewood Vocational School is located on 120 Galloway Rd, Scarborough, ON M1E 1W7, operates from Grades 9 to 12 in a semestered system. also offers the basic academic programs for slow learning students with potential knowledge and skills required for work and independent living. The courses consisted of English, Maths, History, Geography, Science, and Law curriculum.

Maplewood High School Tech programs provide an alternative curriculum offering a hands-on learning experience, connecting Academic content to aid in the development of Life Skills required for success in the community.
Tech programs offered include Cosmetology, Business and Computer Studies, Family Studies, Parenting, Sewing, Integrated Technology, Construction, Transportation, Horticulture, Maintenance, Comm Tech and Woodworking.
Principal: Duncan Le Blanc

Club list:

• Sewing Club
• Hip Hop
• Dance Club
• Pottery Club
• Baking Club
• Creative Media Club
• Freestyle Singing Club
• Fitness Club


Bocce Ball
Track & Field

Maplewood offers a full complement of co-curricular activities meeting the diverse needs and interests of our students. Students can choose from any number of clubs in the area of arts, music, dance, fitness and sport. For those wishing to try competitive athletics Maplewood participates in inter-school leagues and tournaments in the team and individual sports.

Twitter: @maplewoodhs


Maplewood offers its technical and vocational programs ranging from Cosmetology, Business and Computer Studies, Home Economics, Parenting, Sewing, Integrated Technology, Construction, Transportation, Horticulture, Maintenance, Communications Tech and Woodworking.

Most notably, the Food Services Program runs a professional kitchen and bakeshop. Up-to-date equipment is used every day by Maplewood Food School to feed enough students in the cafeteria. Students learn how to work in the hospitality industry by gaining skills that are needed in catering, food preparation and baking. Some of its senior students earn the Food Handler Certificate.


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