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March Academy is a small private school in Canada, Ottawa. This unique school is a place to flourish for students from Gr. 1 to Gr. 8.

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Welcome to March Academy

March Academy is a modest, non-denominational private school in Ottawa’s west end (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). March Academy was founded in 2003, and its buildings were renovated and modernized in 2006. March Academy educates kids in grades 1 to 6. For these children, March Academy provides an excellent alternative to public education. 


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March Academy seeks to strengthen primary school students by assisting them in discovering how to navigate in a social context. It pushes kids to study and progress, mainly by educating them on gaining knowledge while also encouraging them to interact and collaborate with their classmates.

March Academy’s basic principle is that instead of a standard strategic plan that all must obey, education should offer students a compass to lead them and encourage their abilities to discover their path.

March Academy values diversity, identifies talents and helps students learn how to leverage their skills to become more successful learners. They provide each student with an opportunity to flourish and exhibit their full potential by setting high, fair standards, embracing unique learning styles, stressing the good side, and fostering collaboration.

March Academy has been educating students in Ottawa and the nearby region since 2003. Teachers who are highly experienced in various learning styles guide and assist students who have been identified as gifted or have learning impairments such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, nonverbal difficulties, ADD, and ADHD.


As the basic structure for programs, the March Academy education system is based on Ontario Ministry of Education requirements.

The Academy makes use of educators’ abilities and characteristics to aid with the growth and enhancement of educational subjects of mathematics and language arts.

Across the grade levels, science and social studies are covered as part of a comprehensive program. The subjects are theme-based, and there are activities for large and small team members. Per year, subjects are tailored for learner grade and skill level according to Ontario Ministry of Education subjects. School trips and guest lecturers supplement the combined studies curriculum and are determined by the themes offered each year.


Technology is utilized to supplement and enhance instruction in all academic subjects, and it is purposefully incorporated into the curriculum. Understanding how to employ technology to access information and express what students have learned is interwoven into the syllabus and the classroom experience. In reaction to the March 2020 emergency school closures, an online educational program was initiated that prioritized regular face-to-face interaction between instructors and students while also attempting to preserve continuity for pupils. March Academy is recognized for its academics, arts, and physical education. The virtual curriculum emphasized hands-on knowledge acquisition to sustain a curriculum that combined academics, arts, and physical education.

Throughout the school year, March Academy engages in a variety of extracurricular activities that complement and improve the regular curriculum. Below are some of the programs in which the Academy has taken part:

Downhill ski lessons at Mount Pakenham

Hip Hop and Square Dancing

Scotiabank Ottawa Kid’s Marathon

National Arts Centre and National Art Gallery

Orienteering at Richcraft Community Centre

Skating at local-area rinks and the Canal

Trips to the Bonnefant Outdoor Education Center

Kiwanis Music Festival

The Beaverchase Run Series

Swimming lessons at the Kanata Wave Pool

Mad Science

Pioneer Village Trips

The Company of Fools Drama Company


Guest Artist in Environmental Art

Guest Artists in Fabric Art

Scientists in Schools

Music Monday

Chess ‘n Math


The National Capital Family 2K run

Physical education classes are delivered by a qualified Ontario teacher to the students. Lessons emphasize enjoyment and exercise and are intended to boost students’ self-confidence in their talents. Students also join a Running Club during the spring and autumn semesters, which ends in a fun race to benefit local organizations. All children are welcome to join their Cross-country Ski Club, which uses their big schoolyard during the winter months.

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