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In 1888 Parkdale Collegiate Institute founded in Toronto as a public high school. Parkdale Collegiate Institute is located on Jameson Avenue and is a certified International Baccalaureate World School that began in April 2007. Parkdale has a rich history of athletics.

About Parkdale Collegiate Institute

Welcome to Parkdale Collegiate Institute

Parkdale has a reputation as the "gem" of the community. Parkdale Collegiate Institute is characterized by a caring, inclusive, and welcoming learning environment. Parkdale Collegiate Institute programming is continually evolving to meet students' needs and interests in developing communities; diversity is a strength, and Parkdale proudly welcomes all students. 

Principal: Julie Ardell


The original school, designed by architect G.M. Miller, was renamed Jameson Avenue Collegiate Institute in 1901, a name which it bore proudly until 1910. In 1910, the school was renamed Parkdale Collegiate Institute. The original Victorian building served the community until 1928, when it was demolished; the present structure was completed in 1929. Two significant additions, the last being in the 1960s, followed. Parkdale Collegiate Institute is the second oldest secondary school in the old City of Toronto.

Mission Statement:

Parkdale Collegiate is a safe and caring academic school where pupils and teachers from all ethnicities, religions, and cultures learn, work, and strive for excellence as a community of learners. Its partnerships distinguish Parkdale school in academic and extra-curricular plans, which connect Parkdale students to the community and develop them for the future and a changing world.

Parkdale Collegiate Institute offers a variety of business and cooperative education courses. 

Also, Parkdalecompete regularly in DECA.

Parkdale Business team  is:

Ms. Leah Cosgrove 

Ms. Marlena Rivett (ACL)

Mr. Gorian Surlan

Parkdale Cooperative Education teacher is:

Ms. Leah Cosgrove

Parkdale is characterized, among other practices, by the tradition of and serving the association and reflecting its diversity. Parkdale students and staff continue to earn widespread recognition for advocacy and service initiatives and all their work with community partners. As Mission Statement says, partnerships in academic and co-curricular programs correlate Parkdale students to the community and serve them for their futures in a changing world.


Writing CLub

Yearbook Club

Key Club

Math Club/Contests

Eco Club

French For The Future Club


Chess Club\Poetry in Voice

Student Council

Special Alumni:

Shan Mangal - Business Entrepreneur, director of Pyramid Properties

Goody Rosen - Major League Baseball All-Star outfielder

Anne Mroczkowski - TV reporter and news anchor

Charles Templeton - cartoonist, evangelist, agnostic, politician, newspaper editor, inventor, broadcaster, and author

Marc Hanoman - Vine Star

Alexis Hanoman - Vine Star

Stella Asling-Riis - novelist and club woman

Paul Augustus Bridle - Canadian diplomat

Arun Vasanthakumar - Legend

Bonnie Dobson - folk singer, 1960s and 70s

Faisal Kutty - lawyer and law professor



Girls Basketball

Cross Country

Sr. Boys Soccer

Sr. Boys Volleyball


Girls Ultimate

Jr. Boys Soccer

Jr. Boys Volleyball


Jr. Boys Basketball

Sr. Boys Basketball

Jr. Girls Volleyball

Sr. Girls Volleyball




Girls Soccer

Junior Ultimate Frisbee

Senior Ultimate Frisbee


Track & Field



Boys Baseball

Girls Softball


Co-Ed Volleyball

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