Pear Tree Elementary

  • Founded in 2013
  • 80 students
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Pear Tree Elementary is one of the primary schools in Kitsilano. Pear Tree Elementary is a private school where children develop self-confidence to be creative and purposeful in society. Pear Tree Elementary delivers a well-rounded, inspired education that cultivates each child’s individuality, academic and lifelong personal success.

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About Pear Tree Elementary

Welcome to Pear Tree Elementary

Pear Tree School establishes its approach to fostering emotional, social, and physical development together. This is possible only through the particular education program of this school. Unique themes, project-based learning, a healthy lunch program, and daily P.E. classes are only part of the center's training program. Pear Tree Elementary is also known as PTE was founded in 2016.  PTE is trying to educate students. Instead of dwelling on the traditional way of teaching, Pear Tree tries to prepare children for life in the community practically and entertainingly.

Principal: Alexis Birner

Teachers at PTE don’t teach the core subjects as separate and isolated topics, i.e. math, language arts, science, social studies, art, etc. Instead, PTE issues are meaningfully integrated and taught all day, every day. Lessons are built around themes and projects that holistically incorporate academic subjects. Any given task will include multiple skills, new concepts, and practice in any combination of academic subjects.


·       Orienteering

·       Beach volleyball

·       Ice skating

·      Martial arts

·       Soccer

·       Softball

·       Swimming

·       Basketball

·       Climbing

·       Cross country

·       Dance

·       Gymnastics

·       Hiking

·       Tennis

·       Ultimate Frisbee

·       Volleyball

·       Water-based activities (e.g. kayaking, sailing)

·       Yoga

Dynamic Fitness:

PTE students receive a full hour of dynamic physical education each day. Traditional sports, plus martial arts, yoga, swimming, sailing, and more. During this time, students also learn about science (including human kinetics), math, strategy, teamwork, leadership, psychology, and perseverance in the fully integrated approach that Pear Tree is based on the fact that "The learning never stops."

Quality of Teachers:

As one of the best private schools in Vancouver, Pear Tree Elementary teachers are carefully selected for their superior educational credentials and their abilities as skilled mentors and exceptional role models. This unique combination of Degree-level education and genuine dedication to teaching helps create individualized learning systems that motivate and stimulate each child’s learning blueprint.

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